NRV-F Single Solid Shaft Input Worm Motors with Square Flange Output

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Worm Motors

NRV-F worm gearbox is a worm gear reducer with shaft input and square flange output. Different models of RV worm reducers have different flanges, which can be docked with matching flange-type shaft holes. The standard output flange is a short output flange (FA), and a long output flange (FB) is also available. HZPT provides a wide range of worm gear reducers products and information for the majority of our agents, helps them formulate marketing plans, provides the most competitive prices and high-quality products, and achieves win-win cooperation.


NRV-F Single Shaft Input Worm Motors Configurations:

Model: NRV-F 025, 030, 040, 050, 063, 075, 090, 110, 130, 150
Ratio: 1:5,7.5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Color: Blue, Silver, or On Customer Request
Material: Housing: Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy
Worm Gear: Bronze 94#
Worm-20CrMnTi with carburizing and quenching, the surface harness is 56-62HRC
Shaft-chromium steel 45#
Packing: Carton and plywood case
Bearing: C&U Bearing
Seal: NAK, SKF
Lubricant: Synthetic, Mineral
Usages: Industrial Machine: Food Stuff, Ceramics, Chemical, Packing, Dyeing, Woodworking, Glass, etc.
Warranty: 12 months
Input Power: 0.06kw, 0.09kw, 0.12kw, 0.18kw, 0.25kw, 0.37kw, 0.55kw, 0.75kw, 1.1kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 5.5kw, 7.5kw, 11kw, 15kw
IEC Flange: 56B5, 56B14, 63B5, 63B14, 71B5, 71B14, 80B5, 80B14, 90B5, 90B14, 100B5, 100B14, 112B5, 112B14, 132B5, 160B5

NRV-F Single Shaft Input Worm Motors Features:

1. Mechanical structure compact, volume thin, light, small and efficient;

2. Good performance of heat exchanging, heat rapidly;

3. Easy to install, flexible and nimble performance, easy maintenance overhaul;

4. running smoothly, the noise is small, durable;

5. Applicability, security, high reliability

NRV-F Single Shaft Input Worm Motors Parts Materials:

1. Housing: aluminum alloy (base: 025-090) cast iron (base: 110-150);
2. Worm shaft: 20CrMnTi, carburized and quenched, tooth surface hardness 56-62hrc, maintain carburized layer thickness of 0.3-0.5mm after fine grinding;
3. Worm wheel: wear-resistant tin bronze;

Type of RV Worm Motors:

Type: the input type of aluminum alloy reducer is divided into four types: hole input (NMRV), shaft input (NRV), shaft input with extension (NRV-VS), and flange input with extension (NMRV-VS).

The output forms include hole output, one-way shaft output (NRV-AS), two-way shaft output (NRV-AB), and flange output (NRV-F).

Input mode: motor direct connection, motor belt connection or input shaft, connection flange input.

Output mode: hollow shaft output or solid shaft output.


NRV-F Single Shaft Input Worm Motors Dimensions:


How to Choose a Worm Gear Reducer?

When choosing a worm gear reducer, there are several factors to consider:
(1) Rated torque: The amount of torque that the reducer can handle is an important factor in determining the appropriate size and type of worm gear reducer for your application.
(2) Ratio: The gear ratio determines the speed reduction that the worm gear reducer will provide. This should be selected based on the desired speed of the output shaft.
(3) Size and weight: The size and weight of the worm gear reducer should be considered in relation to the space and mounting limitations of your application.

(4) Input speed: The input speed of the worm gear reducer should be selected based on the speed of the motor or other power source that will be driving it.
(5) Environmental factors: Consider the environment in which the worm gear reducer will be operating, such as temperature, humidity, and exposure to chemicals or other corrosive substances.
(6) Brand and Quality: Research the different brands and their quality, some brands may offer better warranty and service.


Worm Motors Reducer Lubrication Maintenance:

1. Selection of lubricants and additives. Worm gear reducers generally use 220# gear oil. For reducers with heavy loads, frequent starts, and poor use environments, some lubricating oil additives can be used to make the gear oil still adhere to the gear surface when the worm gear reducer stops running, forming a protective membrane to prevent heavy load, low-speed, high torque and direct contact between metals when starting. The additives contain a seal ring regulator and anti-leakage agent to keep the seal ring soft and elastic and effectively reduce lubricating oil leakage.

2. Establish a lubrication maintenance system. The worm gear reducer can be maintained according to the "five fixed" principle of lubrication work, so that every reducer has a person responsible for regular inspections, and it is found that the temperature rise is obvious if the temperature exceeds 40 ℃ or the oil temperature exceeds 80 ℃, the quality of the oil decreases or the oil If you find too much copper powder and produce abnormal noise, you should stop using it immediately, check and repair it in time, eliminate the fault, and replace the lubricating oil. When refueling, pay attention to the amount of oil to ensure that the reducer is properly lubricated. The gearbox cleaning and maintenance machine can also be used to clean the gearbox using the original oil supply and discharge system of the worm gearbox and filtered lubricating oil, without changing any hardware facilities of the gearbox, without adding any cleaning agent, ensuring the safe operation of the gearbox, extend the service life of the gearbox.

3. Ensure assembly quality. Some special tools can be purchased or made by yourself. When disassembling and installing the worm gear reducer components, try to avoid hitting with other tools such as hammers; when replacing gears and worm gears, try to use original parts and replace them in pairs; when assembling the output shaft, pay attention to tolerance matching; anti-sticking agent or red lead oil should be used to protect the hollow shaft to prevent abrasion, rust, or dirt on the mating area, which is difficult to disassemble during maintenance.

Single Shaft Input Worm Motors Manufacturers

Our company is located in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province of China. We handle the products of power transmission, and our lines mainly cover series products in speed reducers, RV series worm gearboxes, WP series worm gearboxes, HB series helical gearboxes, S/R/K/F series helical gearboxes, X/B series cycloidal gearboxes, ZQ series cylindrical gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, ATA series shaft mounted gearboxes, SMR series shaft mounted gearboxes, associated electric motors, and other power transmission accessories. Based on their versatile functions, our products can be utilized in many fields: machines of wastewater treatment, dredgers, the chemical industry, cranes, metalworking mills, conveyors, the paper industry, the cement industry, cableways, and so on. With excellent quality and reasonable prices, our products enjoy a good reputation from customers and peers all over the world.

Furthermore, the R&D investment is annually increasing for the purpose of better meeting the new demands of our customers and adapting to the new tendency of the industry. Depending on the principles of honestly operating and mutual benefit, We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

We are one of the best worm motors manufacturers. We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior product quality and after-sales service. We warmly welcome customers both at home and abroad to contact us to negotiate business, exchange information, and cooperate with us!



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Single Shaft Input Worm Gearbox Packing Transportation:

●Packaging: In order to ensure the integrity of product appearance, we will choose cartons, wooden pallets, and wooden pallets according to customer needs.

●Delivery time: Each reducer is manufactured and tested in accordance with strict and fixed procedures to ensure that the quality is correct before leaving the factory and delivery on time.

●Transportation mode: We will choose the most suitable mode of transportation for our customers according to the weight and size of the goods. We can also choose the mode of transportation according to the needs of our customers.

●Receiving and after-sales service: After receiving the goods, please check whether they are in good condition. We will provide customers with perfect after-sales service.