1266A-5201 36V 48V 275A Curtis Programmable DC Sepex Motor Controller Assemblage

1266A-5201 36V   48V 275A Curtis Programmable DC Sepex Motor Controller Assemblage

Product Description

CURTIS 1266A controllers are separately fired up motor pace controllers made for use in a assortment of transportation autos. These programmable controllers are basic to install, effective, and value successful. Standard purposes contain golfing carts and little utility vehicles.

The 1266A controller provides sleek, silent, value successful management of motor pace and torque. The pace sensor enter enables outstanding shut-loop management for regulating car speed. Special braking parameters allow simple, intuitive deceleration tuning. A entire-bridge subject winding management stage is blended with a half-bridge armature electricity stage to supply strong condition motor reversing and regenerative braking electrical power CZPT added relays or contactors.
CURTIS Design: 1266A-5201
Norminal Battery Voltage (Volts): 48V (default environment) or 36V
Amarture 2 Moment Current Ranking (amps): 275
Area two Minute Recent Ranking (amps): twenty
PWM operating frequency: 16 kHz
CZPTal isolation to heatsink: 500 V ac (minimum)
Aluminum alloy set up panel dimensions:
L270 mm x W201 mm x H8 mm
Set up proportions (holes): 250 mm x 184 mm
Assemblage Net Fat: four.six kg (with foot pedal throttle)
Package Bodyweight: 6.four kg (reinforced carton package, secure for international shipment)
Functions Incorporate:

Regenerative braking, supplying lengthier procedure on a solitary battery cost and lowering motor brush use and motor heating
Adjustable brake prices, for easy pedal-launch braking
Two user-selectable car functioning personalities, with motor vehicle prime velocity managed and constrained in each mode
Motor parameters are programmable to match the attributes of the particular motor currently being utilized
Automobile speed management is improved through comments from a Hall result velocity sensor
Anti-rollback function, providing improved handle when throttle is launched on hills
Anti-stall function aids prevent motor commutator hurt
Higher pedal disable (HPD) and static return to off (SRO) interlocks stop vehicle runaway at startup
Complete diagnostics through CURTIS 1313-4331 Handheld Programmer or 1314 Laptop Programming Station and through the created-in Position LED, for quick and straightforward testing, diagnostics, and parameter adjustment
WalkAway™ braking characteristic restrictions any stopped or key-off rolling to a very lower velocity
Auxiliary driver can be programmed for either an electromagnetic (EM) brake or a WalkAway™ relay
Coil driver offers adjustable pull-in and keeping voltages to WalkAway™ relay or EM brake
Two fault outputs provide diagnostics to remotely mounted shows
Reverse sign driver offers a low sign any time the vehicle is touring in reverse
Driver outputs are quick circuit protected and give created-in coil spike safety
Brake/Drive Interlock meets ISO stopping distance demands
Warning buzzer appears regular in reverse, intermittent in the course of WalkAway™ braking
Splash resistant plastic go over
Meets or exceeds EEC fault detect demands

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    1266A-5201 36V   48V 275A Curtis Programmable DC Sepex Motor Controller Assemblage